Caring for your pets as if they were our own


About us:

We are a Natural Pet Retailer and Dog Grooming studio based near South Tawton on the edge of Dartmoor. We were based in Chagford at the old Nat West Bank where we had  a lovely double fronted outlook. All of the furniture in our shop was recycled, some being from the old Chagford Primary School, packing that the dog bath came in (this is was our reception desk!)and our old kitchen table! We are proud to say we didn't bought anything new.

Having started my original business as Pet Ranger (Dog walking, pet sitting and dog grooming) in 2002, working from home in our converted garage, I had always wanted to have a shop. Using natural products made in the UK has always been something I have done and am now very pleased to be able to offer this to you.

However, as a result of the current Pandemic, sadly I have had to close the shop in Chagford and bring the business back home where I am continuing to groom and offer an order and delivery service for pet supplies.

Our products:

All of our products food, treats, dog and cat bowls, toys, beds, shampoo, natural remedies and more are made in the UK and as close to Dartmoor as possible.

Our of range food and treats are made from natural products with no artificial chemicals or fillers.

The shampoos we use in our grooming studio and sell, are chemical and paraben free, with natural ingredients. We like to recycle when we can. 

The range of cat and dog toys are our own range. The dog toys are made locally to Chagford from recycled jeans and filled with my sheep wool. Our cat toys are made from local felt, filled also with sheep wool and organic cat nip, these are compostable.




Our services:

We offer impartial advice for all of the products we sell. If you are looking for a new food or treats for your dog or cat, puppy or kitten then we can help. Our range of products are made in the UK, low in fat, no meat, grain free, raw, fresh or dried just let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

The right nutrition is so important for your pets. High quality is the answer. Hypoallergenic foods help those with issues. The better the quality the food, the less you need to feed, the less waste they produce, the better their overall health and less expense at the vet. A lot of health issues can be down to nutrition. Skin complaints, itchy ears, bad breath, hyperactivity……have you looked to see what is in your pet’s food?

The range of alternatives we can offer for stress, stiff or painful joints, intestinal hygiene, tick and flea repellant are all made in the UK and free from harmful chemicals.

Our grooming studio is especially equipped with both a hydraulic bath and grooming table to help those larger dogs who can’t be lifted to access them. It is a quiet environment, we don't use cages and take our time, which is invaluable for the first time grooms, puppy grooms and older dogs too. A tennis ball in the room helps to relax most of them….nothing like a quick game to make them feel at ease! Our shampoos are natural, paraben free and will suit a variety of skin conditions. We offer everything from a full breed specific groom to a wash and blow dry, pawdicure of fringe and face tidy.

To make and appointment for either grooming or a pawdicure please call us on 07944 630677.